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Audit and Auditing Services

company registry,Company Registration

company registry,Company Registration

We provide company registry,Company Registration, Company setup, Company formation service to customers. Our experience accountant will help you company registry.

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Formation of new companies in Hong Kong (vs. ready made)
Self-companies (ready made) in Hong Kong (explore the name lists)
Self-companies (ready made) in overseas countries including British Virgins Island; Bahamas; Cayman Islands
Provision of registered office
Acting as a company secretary and ongoing secretarial services
Application for re-registration of an unlimited company to a limited company
Wind up and deregistration
Listed companies secretarial services
Preparing and filing statutory records including annual returns
Providing advices on share transfers; increase in nominal capital; reclassification of share capital; and issue of share capital
Assistance in opening accounts with banks in Hong Kong
Application for Hong Kong business registration certificate
Preparation of minutes of meetings of directors and shareholders
Acting as nominee directors and shareholders
Change of company name
Advice on trade and service marks applications
Providing translation and transcription services
Application for Trade and Service Marks, Patents…etc.


Company Secretarial Services
 Overall Fee - This covers, acting Company Secretary. (not including preparation of routine minutes for the AGM, and maintenance of the company' s Statutory Books) .
2,500 per annum
 Provision of a registered office
1,500 per annum
 Preparation of Minutes for AGM and Filing of Annual Return
1,500 per annum
 Safe Custody and Maintenance of Company Books
2,000 per annum
 Nominee Directorships
10,000 per annum per director
 Nominee Shareholders
10,000 per annum
 Itemized :

 Change of directors
 Opening Bank Accounts
 Change of Registered Office
 Apply for a Business Registration Certificate
 Opening a branch B. R. Certificate
 Allotment of shares
 Transfer of shares
 Increase in authorised capital
 Amendment to articles
3,000 +
 Change of Company Name 4,000 (All Govt. fees are excluded)
Certification of true copies 250 per copy
De-registration of limited company 5,500 (All Govt. fees are excluded)
Representation of a Foreign Corporation - Providing the name and address of an authorised signatory and the routine filing of the annual report and accounts (where necessary) with the Registrar of Companies. 3,500 per annum


The above mentioned prices are for reference only and the final quotations
may vary subjected to different terms and conditions of the case.
Enquiries are welcome by phone or email. Onward & Co., C.P.A. reserves the
rights to alter and amend the quotation.

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