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    Hong Kong Trademark Application

Hong Kong Trademark Application || China Trademark Application


Onward provides Hong Kong Trademark Application to you.

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Introduction & overview

A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the goods and services of one trader from those of others, registered trademarks contained after the goods or services can have the right to use the mark, such as the others without the consent of the owner under the trade mark in Hong Kong use of the trademark for the sale of goods or the provision of similar services, shall be guilty of infringement, legal action can be taken to be prosecuted, in short, a trademark registration will enable businesses and his goods and services to get more legal protection.


Under normal circumstances, registered a trademark in Hong Kong requires a minimum of 6 months time, which is based on the absence of any objection to your trademark application and Trade Mark Registry confirmed that the application did not deficiencies, such as the application encountered opposition and the application is inadequate, you will need extra time to complete the application.


2.Deficiency Checking
3.Examination of Application
4.Publication of Trademark Application and Opposition to Registration


For a registered trademark application, traders will be required to thoroughly understand the application process and pay attention to matters such as the need to prepare for full registration information, and the design of trademark need to avoid using the same or similar design with other, it is better to design a special trademarks for your application, so that we can avoid the process of applying for registration opposition encountered by others, to avoid wasting unnecessary time and additional legal fees.

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